Code of Conduct

Gharyan Code of Conduct


At Gharyan, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products to the way we conduct our business. This Code of Conduct outlines the ethical principles and standards that guide our operations and relationships. We are dedicated to promoting fair-trade practices, ensuring the well-being of our workers, and preserving the environment. By adhering to these values, we strive to create a positive impact on the communities we engage with and contribute to sustainable development. The following sections detail our commitments to human and labor rights, health and safety, environmental stewardship, and cultural respect.


1. Human and Labor Rights

At Gharyan, we are committed to sustainable and fair-trade practices. We collaborate solely with partners who share our values. Our products are exclusively crafted in Tunisia, ensuring that workers enjoy comprehensive social and financial rights. .

2. Complaints and Discipline

We value open communication and encourage artisans and employees within our supply chain to voice their concerns. Workers, including artisans, have the right to strike to improve their work environment.

3. Health and Safety

We partner exclusively with suppliers promoting safe working conditions. We prioritize mental health and encourage employees to take necessary breaks.

4. Handling Hazardous Substances

Our facilities and supplier locations provide necessary safety gear to workers and emphasize the use of tools to handle potentially harmful materials, ensuring their well-being.

5. Harassment and Abuse

Gharyan upholds gender equality, led by a diverse leadership team. We encourage a diverse and ambitious workforce and strictly prohibit any form of harassment or abuse, promoting an inclusive environment.

6. Sourcing

We meticulously track the traceability of raw materials used by our suppliers, ensuring origin analysis and taking prompt action on sourcing issues. We actively supervise supplier practices when necessary.

7. Pollution Prevention

Environmental preservation is a priority. Our suppliers are committed to conserving natural resources, monitoring and reducing gas emissions. We adhere to strict regulations regarding wood sourcing and recycle waste materials, minimizing our environmental footprint.

8. Food Grade Compliance

Our stoneware is crafted to meet stringent regulations, ensuring it is heat and shatter-resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe, and free from toxic heavy metals such as cadmium and lead. Additionally, our products comply with FDA standards and California Proposition 65, guaranteeing the highest level of safety and quality for our customers. To maintain these standards, we conduct random laboratory testing to ensure ongoing compliance and product safety.

9. Cultural Respect

By partnering with Tunisian suppliers and artisans, Gharyan contributes to preserving ancestral Tunisian crafts. We support the local economy by exporting handcrafted products made by talented artisans.

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