The Look and Feel of a Post-Pandemic Home

Now that we’re starting to see some rays of potential post-pandemic life, it’s natural to want to reinvent ourselves and our homes, which have been our sanctuaries over the past many months. Making an intentional effort to look outward, declutter, and reinvigorate our living spaces can help ensure we’re looking to the future with open eyes and a sense of optimism. Gharyan Stoneware can also be an asset when it comes to colorizing your space for a bright new look and feel.

Open Up

We’ve all felt a bit shuttered and cloistered lately, and the opening of our homes can be a great mood booster. Open all of your windows and clean and declutter from top to bottom. This first step will serve as both a literal and figurative “letting go” that’s necessary to move ahead in our lives. Encourage the entire family to be part of the purge. Minimalist living is shown to be a healthy alternative to overloading our spaces with “stuff” we don’t really want or need.

Make a Donation Run

Are you finding that your pre-pandemic clothes no longer fit? Donate them. Are your cupboards full of bakeware you bought when you planned to make your own breads and pastas? Your local charity will be happy to have them. Cobble together makeshift workstations that you no longer need? Break them down into recycling and turn the space into a home gym or meditation space. The pandemic put many of us into “hoarder mode” and it’s time to let go of the things that no longer serve us.

Deep, Deep Clean

It’s time to move beyond “tidying up” and give your home a nice deep clean. suggests doing the things you never do — move furniture, dust under knick-knacks, steam clean upholstery, and power wash the outside of your house.

Also, get your whole family involved in the process! If you have kids, you can assign them specific chores and provide them with an allowance when the tasks are complete. Not only will this get your house into excellent shape, but you’ll also be able to teach your kids about money and the value of a hard day’s work.

The goal, of course, is to create a clean slate for your home and your psyche. Not only will your house look and smell wonderful, you will feel accomplished. The act of cleaning out the old will make you mentally and emotionally ready for this next, approaching phase of post-pandemic life.

Give Walls New Life

You’ve been looking at the same walls throughout the pandemic, and it’s time to say goodbye. Change up the color of a room with a fresh coat of paint or make a bold statement with custom-designed wallpaper. Wallpaper is durable, and new variants not only have numerous styles to choose from but easy-to-install options that let you reposition as necessary and replace with ease. Designing your own look and printing on demand will help ensure availability and uniqueness.

Create a New Outlook

While you’re cleaning and refreshing, it’s a great time to reconfigure your room layouts to literally give yourself a new perspective. In addition to moving around furniture for a different look and feel, HGTV recommends taking on some interior redecorating with your own things. Put all of your tchotchkes, home décor, lighting, and wall art in a central location, like a dining room table, and try them out in different places in your home — the lamp that has always been next to the sofa might look phenomenal by your favorite armchair! Don’t forget that you can always pick up new eye-catching decorations for your decorated, revitalized spaces by Gharyan Stoneware.

The pandemic has taken a lot out of all of us. As the world starts to shift toward a greater degree of normalcy, getting your house in both literal and figurative order will help you mentally and emotionally prepare for re-entering life — while still having a beautiful, warm haven to return to.

Photo by Pixabay

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